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Millcreek Valley Farm

Welcome to Utah's source for handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms, and bath salts. Here you will find some of the best personal care products available anywhere. Our "Shop" is easy to use and navigate. Please come in and browse the individual product pages for all the lavish and luxurious fragrances and flavors of Handmade Soaps, Great Salt Lake based Bath Salts, Beeswax based Lip Balms, Solid Lotion Bars, and rejuvinating & refreshing Skin Care Lotions.

Our Inspiration came from our bee hives and a quite famous maker of beeswax based personal care products back East. We figured that since we resided in the "Bee Hive" state that our products could, and should be first rate. Also worth mentioning is the fact that we live next to America's Dead Sea, The Great Salt Lake, and so adding Bath Salts to our creations was a natural.

Cold Process Soap is our passion! It has the same kind of rich history as beekeeping, but is more suitable to the creative side of the brain. Lotion bars, lip balms and bath salts sell great for us, however the rewarding chain of events that renders our natural bar soap is like nothing else. It is, we suppose, not unlike what a potter feels when he or she throws a ball of clay onto a foot powered wheel and creates a timeless vase with their hands and talent. Soap making is just that addictive!

Do We Use our own soap? Absolutely! We have the date in 2007 circled on our calendar when we purchased our last bale of boxed "beauty Bars" at Sam's Club. It is just as satisfying as harvesting our own honey and beeswax. Now if we could only put up that wind generator and stock the creek with Ahi it would approach heaven on earth. Our soaps are hand-batched from scratch, cured in wooden molds, and hand-cut. It is with pride and a little humor that we state that all of our soaps contain natural vegetable oils and are tested on enthusiastic family and friends, not animals.

Return Policy: We want you to be happy with your products! Exchanges will be reviewed within 14 days of original shipping and return of product at customer's expense. Shipping is always non-refundable.