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Millcreek Valley Farm

Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

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Soap Fragrances

Quality Handmade Soap For Sale in Utah

Millcreek Valley Farm Utah Pioneer-Style bar soap is so much more than mere store bought bath soap. Our soaps are a journey back into a simpler time when soap was made by hand out of leftovers found around the farm. Today we use rich and luxurious ingredients such as avocado, palm, jojoba and almond oils. We offer a pure bar of real soap just like great grandma used to make, but without the sting! Oh, and we think ours looks better also! It is as close to natural as any soap can be, and our packaging makes it a pleasing and unique gift item for anyone. When fragrance is used, it is done without a "heavy hand" and using pure fragrance & essential oils. Some of our soaps have no added fragrance at all, rather they rely on the oils, grains and/or honey we add for the natural scent they possess.

Our Soap Is Handmade, and therefore is not exactly the same weight or shape. Our bar soap weighs between 3.5 oz and 4.5 oz per bar due to hand slicing. We are very rigid on our quality control, fragrance formulas and batch tracking. However because this wonderful soap is hand made it may vary slightly in color or swirl from batch to batch.

Continue reading to learn about all the natural ingredients that go into our fresh handmade soaps!

Beach Butter

Everyone has a favorite beach, be it in California or Rhode Island, or on the red sands of distant island shores. This soap will take you there every time you bathe! NO added color or fragrance! Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil . . . . kowabunga!!

CONTAINS: saponified soybean, sustainably sourced palm kernel, coconut, avocado & castor oils, cocoa, shea & mango butters, distilled water, essential and/or fragrance oils and color


Ginger Peach

Just Up The Road is our famous fruit highway with its bushels of tasty produce. This soap features a unique blend of fresh, ripe peaches with a touch of ginger added for pizazz! Brigham City peaches are on for just a few weeks every summer. Get this soap anytime.

CONTAINS: saponified coconut, olive, sustainably sourced palm kernel, palm, and castor oils, distilled water, fragrance and/or essential oil and color

Goat's, Oats 'N' Honey

For Those who want just pure soap in their beauty bar, we have created an oatmeal and honey soap made with local goat's milk that gets its wonderful oatmeal cookie like fragrance from only the all natural ingredients used!

CONTAINS: olive saponified, soybean, coconut, sustainable sourced palm & castor oils, distilled water, shea butter, honey, beeswax & ground oatmeal

Good Earth

We Never did make it to Woodstock, but those who did or who loved that era will love our very popular patchouli oil scented bar of soap. We are sure that it will be a magic carpet ride for your senses as well as some fine memories!

CONTAINS: palm, sustainable sourced palm and palm kernel, olive, coconut, castor and soybean oils, rhassoul clay, fragrance and/or essential oil, color

Jamaica Bay

Caribbean white sand beaches, coconut palms & tropical spices. Add a tall tropical beverage with a slice of pineapple on the rim. Tune in to distant steel drum music, or tune everything out as you relax in the warm waters. We bring you all that in a bar of soap. Sweet!!

CONTAINS: coconut, olive, sustainable sourced palm kernel, palm and castor oils, ground cinnamon, & cloves, fragrance and/or essential oil and color

Lavender Farm

One Of the unique things Utah is known for is a beautiful and fragrant lavender farm just South of us in Mona. Perhaps because of this, many have asked us to produce a lavender soap. Here it is with our own little twist in fragrance that we are sure you will love!

CONTAINS: olive, sustainable sourced palm and palm kernel, coconut oils, distilled water, fragrance and/or essential oils, and color

Mint Lime Spritz

Another sparkling original bar soap. The mix of mint and lime does not overpower, but they do open your eyes! Bentonite clay added at the request of the skin you're in. For men and women, you will love this soap just as much as we do!

CONTAINS: coconut, olive, sustainably sourced palm kernel and palm, and castor oils, bentonite clay, fragrance and/or essential oil & color

Red Rock Sunrise

A Utah high desert sunrise was the artistic inspiration behind this refreshing bar of soap. Sage and other local florals are captured here for your pleasure. Gotta love Moab, Slick Rock Ale, Dead Horse Point and Red Rock Sunrise Soap.

CONTAINS: coconut, olive, sustainably sourced palm kernel, palm and castor oils, fragrance and/or essential oil and color


An Earthy and very romantic fragrance in a soap made to be shared. You will recognize the Amber Romance fragrance oil here. It also contains Rhassoul Clay for your skin. Why not schedule a rendezvous with that special someone soon!

CONTAINS: sustainably sourced palm and palm kernel, olive, coconut, soybean oils, & distilled water, rhassoul clay, fragrance and/or essential oil, color

Rise N' Shine

A Rich companion soap for Millcreek Spa Moisturizing Bath Salts. Our best moisturizing soap with Shea Butter added featuring high notes of citrus and herbs. Rise n' Shine is the perfect name for one of our most popular soaps, morning or night. Try some real soon!

CONTAINS: coconut, olive, almond, avocado, palm, castor, & sustainably sourced palm kernel oils, shea butter, fragrance and/or essential oil, color


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