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Millcreek Valley Farm

Solid Lotion Bars

Solid Lotion Bars

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Lotion Fragrances

Beeswax Based Solid Lotion Bars

Beeswax has been used since ancient times; traces of it were found in the paintings in the Lascaux cave and in Egyptian mummies. Egyptians used it in shipbuilding as well. In the Roman period, beeswax was used as waterproofing agent for painted walls and as a medium for the Fayum mummy portraits. Nations subjugated by Rome sometimes paid tribute or taxes in beeswax. In the Middle Ages beeswax was considered valuable enough to become a form of currency.

Today Beeswax is a mainstay in natural lip balms and lotions, and it doesn't take much currency to have some for yourself! Our Bee Butter Bars are not only carefully made with the best ingredients available, they are very upscale in their presentation. We hand mix and pour our Bee Butters and color can vary slightly. Use our Bee Butter Bar on hands, feet, elbows to soften and moisturize. Our Bee Butter is available in 2oz twist up tubes that travel anywhere with ease. They are firm enough to last more than 8 weeks with normal use, yet they readily give up their goodness to the warmth of your skin. Millcreek Valley Farm Bee Butter Bars are truly an affordable luxury. Last of all, no added preservatives - therefore, the shelf life, if kept at room temperature, is approximately 3 months. Bee good to your hands!

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