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Bubbling Bath Salts

Bubbling Bath Salts

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Bubbling Homemade Bath Salts For Sale in Utah

A Casualty of the hurried, modern day pace most of us are subject to is a real tub bath. It was not always so. Although the Romans may not have invented the bath, they raised bathing to a high art. Roman citizens lingered for hours in communal hot baths, where they socialized, conducted courtship, and even sealed business deals. They built lavish baths wherever they found natural hot springs. Perhaps nothing else we can do for ourselves within the walls of our own homes is as good for the mind and body as an unhurried, warm mineral bath. As little as 20 years ago, the only bathing salt found on store shelves was Epsom Salts. Today, bath salts can be easily found everywhere and the variety almost endless.

Here at Millcreek Valley Farm, we offer five of the very best available. Once again we have taken what Utah has to offer and added our own touch to make a line of luxurious and unique mineral bath salts.

Our Bath Salts feature lots and lots of bubbles. Most have Ground Oatmeal added, and two very nice offerings have both Milk and Oatmeal. Fragrances are not heavy handed, and very inviting!

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